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Anyone with experience using the Surface Pro 4 with Surface Pro 3 Dock?


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I'm looking to possibly replace my desktop with my Surface Pro 4, I currently use it with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and my monitor has a USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports, however my SP4 has all sorts of cables coming out of it (a charger, USB cable to monitor, a MDP to monitor and 3.5 to speakers.

So I was thinking about picking up the SP4 dock for £169 once I sell my current desktop, however I noticed Microsoft are selling off the SP3 dock for around £90. I only use one monitor which is fine through the MDP so I don't need the two video outs however I've heard the SP4 doesn't sit will in the older dock.

Does anyone have any experience with it and would you think it's worth the extra £80 for the Surface Pro 4 dock? Any thoughts would be welcome.


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It works, you need the spacer to make it fit. You can also use it without the spacer but you have to line up carefully and you are adding stress to the Surface Connector.


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Hey just spotted it's the Surface 3 dock they're discounting not the Surface Pro 3 dock, so... yeah. My question still stands though as to if anything would prefer the SP3 dock to the SP4 one.


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If you plan on having your SP4 in a case then the SP3 dock obviously won't work and the SP4 one will. Otherwise it comes down to preference. I am using my old SP3 dock with a spacer for my SP4 and it works well. I only put on my UAG case when going away for a trip (every month or so).

Although if I was to buy one now and the price was about the same I'd go for the SP4 dock. Mainly so I could use it with my UAG case on and have a portable power supply/USB Hub when I need it for travel.