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Digging the new MS wireless display adapter


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Just a PSA:

I have been using the PTV3000 for a few years, now with my SP4, after council from this board dating back to my SP2. I have had several issues recently where it (PTV) randomly drops connection. Tried various drivers, firmware, resolution, etc. Just not reliable.

Picked up the new wireless display from MS (version 2) today and it pairs perfectly with my SP4. Cheaper than the original MS adapter. There is also a control app in the MS store that lets you update firmware and adjust settings with a friendly interface.

Very low latency/lag. Might even be able to play a (non FPS) game with it. Works great for presentation and video streaming without a doubt. Flawless. But it is very easy to forget it and leave behind after you pack you to leave a meeting/hotel though. It's out of sight. User error though.

Windows+ shift+ left/right arrows moves from app from one display to the next with ease.

One more reason to love my SP4. [emoji1]

Although, reddit is posting a $300 savings on SP bundles in Canada. Wonder if a new one is coming sooner than I thought...?

Oh well, SP4 should last me at least a year, our so my wife tells me


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Cortana should automatically remind you when your leaving the proximity of your wireless display adapter. ;)

Poor Richard's WDA reminder, tie a string on it and something at the other end of the string like a golf club donut and set that next to you or in your bag so you wont walk off without it.


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Cortana should automatically remind you when your leaving the proximity of your wireless display adapter. ;)
I turned Cortana off. Does it actually remind you, or did I just fall for it..? I am not in a position to test it ATM, but if that works... I'm turning her back on for that very reason. Of course, I would likely have put away my SP into its case to depart, thus ruining the value, but that is so clever. The poor man's idea is solid and fool proof.


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It's definitely lower latency than the previous version. :) I'm happy with it. Now, anyone want to by a V1? lol


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Interesting! Somehow the release of this managed to slip me by... I would love to be able to replace my Surface > external monitor HDMI cable with this, but the original certainly wasn't up to the task.

I see there was an update to the firmware of the original a couple of weeks ago; anyone have this installed ant noticed any difference?