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Missing storage on SP4?


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Hi all, I'm scratching my head here wondering where all of my storage has gone. I've been going through the apps and games section, uninstalling programs to free up some space for various reasons, but there is a huge amount of storage taken up that is unaccounted for. I'll attach the screenshots, but the system is telling me I have 87gb of my storage used here, but by manually going in and adding up all of the totals, it adds up to well under 10gb. What am I missing here? I did clean out all of my other areas, and focused mainly on this one with my troubleshooting.
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Have you checked to see if there is a windows.old folder in your C drive? This will occur after updates and take up an extra 20gb, and can be removed via disk cleanup. Also worth looking at how big your appdata folder is.


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I had a similar issue on my Win 7 desktops, so I downloaded a freeware program called Folder Size. It enabled me to find out what's taking up so much space. I still have it on my desktops and use it every one in a while to manage disk space. It's easy to use. I recommend it. Although, I haven't used it on my SP4 or Windows 10.

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