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SF4 recovery from system image after replacement


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My SF4 was replaced due to HW issue. Before sending it to the service I made full system image backup.
Now, when I got new SF4 I would like to restore all my apps/programs/personal files not to install them from scratch.

Unfortunately I have few obstacles:
1. when i will pass initial setup of the new windows and go to the settings/restore/troubleshooting/ restore from image (ext HDD is attached) my image will be found but I cannot to initiate restore from the system needs to be formatted.
2. when I will start from using power+volume down button when the system if fully fresh (no configuration, initial state) I can go see restore image on the ext drive but cannot start the process as there is no administrator account on the current windows??
3. when the user is created, starting using power+volume down button doesn't work

how I can quickly restore my image taken before SF4 was sent to the service?
I thought it should be fast and reliable process.

Any advices gents?

thanks in advance.
anything I'm missing here


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What did you use to make the Image?
This is what used to infuriate be about "Backup Teams" they report how successful they were at creating backups but it's the Restore that matters.

Takeoff of Seinfeld car reservation rant...
Anybody can make a backup its the restore that counts. ;)


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I made system image backup using windows 10 (To create the backup, open File History in Control Panel. In the lower-left hand corner click the link System Image Backup)