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Surface 2 Shrinking Storage



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it's nothing to get upset about, yes EVERYBODYS Surface is left with those amounts, also other devices is left with the same amount. and its no big deal to place the recovery on a USB and keep it safe, it will be just as easy as if it was on the HD of the Surface... this happens to ALL devices with 32GB HD's like I said my friends ASUS RT tablet is left with the same amount, also another friends tablet 32GB ANDROID is left with the same amount.. this isn't new or just YOUR device. and if you can't live with this or bothers you this much, then I suggest you get a Surface with 64GB which can be had cheaply nowadays! its just the facts of life in regards to tablets with small HD.

I'm not upset but I am ANNOYED. Microsoft clearly states on their website that a 32GB surface 2 should have 18GB of space left and this is the reason I went for a 32GB when purchasing my Surface. To have a third of that space missing isn't right. You buy a 20litre fridge but realise it's only 14 litres? Mis sold?

I am getting a replacement soon as this one has a screen defect and will be reporting on the storage quota on the replacement as soon as I get it and install updates etc.


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Updates are going to increase the size of Windows especially if you don't run cleanup and remove system files.

Also when you sign on with the same account Store apps are made available which might explain why your Program Files directory is 1.2gb and mine is .9gb Those Store Apps get installed on first use but I'm not sure what staging might occur. Something must account for that difference.

Regardless there's nothing new about this even if it's new to you nor is it any different from what other systems are doing. Software is not static and is continuously improving and changing.

I have used my S2 daily since it was released and I don't generally store large files on it although I do have a 5gb file at the moment my total user storage is 10gb including the 5gb file. with a 32 or 64gb SDCard you can store plenty of files on a 32gb device even without using the cloud storage.


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Reading this I am glad the only choice I had was the 64GB. I have installed loads of Apps and I still have 41GB free.
Having 4G is an added bonus too.

I am Apple guy at heart, so this is my first non Apple purchase for a long time and I love it.