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Mobile USB Drives


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I received a new Surface Pro last week. Almost all configuration has been a snap. Picked-up a SIGG USB 3.0 hub and have had no problems until I pulled out my trusty Touro 500gb USB drive. Plugged it in, it powered up and even device manager sees it, but no joy in explorer. I used my old Win 7 system where it works flawlessly (PnP) to move the important stuff over via a flash drive (16gb Lexar). I started searching the web for help and I see its been a known problem from the start .... What's up with this? Is there any update on this or a SIMPLE workaround for this in the works. I can't believe it hasn't been fixed, its not a show-stopper but I'm frustrated by the fact that this doesn't support standard USB devices.



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Try plugging the drive directly into SP ? is usb3 hub self powered ?

Ahh plugging the drive in directly to the SP USB port worked perfectly. The USB Hub is self powered (also can be used without the power)

So I'm half-way there!




USB 3 HDD need more power so normal self powered usb hub wont work , thats why it worked when u plugged it in SP


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I have often run into problems with self powered USB Hubs not being powerful enough to run external hard drives... My 320GB External drives will run fine from a Hub, but my 1TB drives won't spin up properly...


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Your USB hub might have a power connection. If it does that should give it enough power to power the hard drive.


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I went shopping recently for a good USB3 hub for my Surface Pro. Many of them said "not for plugging external HDD's into" or some such.