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Monitor Daisy Chaining


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I purchased two Dell U2414H monitors to daisy chain with my SP3. They worked the first day I set it up (extending the desktop to 3 different displays), but the next day (today) I can't get the third display to work.

Here's the conditions I got them to work yesterday:
Hardware: SP3-MiniDisp-FullDispIN-Dell1-FullDispOUT-FullDispIN-Dell2
Dell1 Setup: DisplayPort 1.2
Del2 Setup: DisplayPort 1.1

Note that I unhooked the SP3 from the displays and rehooked them up successfully yesterday, but it was only from sleep mode. This morning it came out of hibernation and it doesn't work.

I've tried restarting all three devices in different orders. I've tried different combinations of settings for the two monitors (DP1.2 vs DP1.1). In all situations, I only see two monitors in Windows settings rather than three. My only options are "Duplicate desktop on 1 and 2; Duplicate desktop on 2 and 3; Extend desktop to this display; Disonnect this display." If I select "extend", I either get the desktop extended to Dell1 and nothing on Dell2 (settings DP1.2, DP1.1 OR 1.2), OR I get an extended desktop but the Dells are just duplicated (settings DP1.1, DP1.1 OR 1.2). Now if I select "Duplicate on 2 and 3", nothing happens and the setting goes back to "Extend".

Anyone have any ideas?


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Do not only shutdown your displays with the "touch button", shut them down by physically unplugging them, then replug.


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sometimes I find it helps to unplug the monitor from the power supply, then plug it back in. yes, it sucks


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Yeah, I figured this out after a while. Sucks, but at least I don't have to reboot. Also, I avoid it altogether if I always wake up the Surface BEFORE plugging in the monitor cable.