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More and more often "not charging" or even "discharging"... :-(


I am a in general quite happy owner of an SP4 since about 2 years. But lately I more and more often have to detect, that my device, even while plugged in, does not charge!

I have three original MS power supplies distributed over home, work and our holiday home and I am observing this with ALL of them, so this is clearly not an issue with the power supplies but apparently with the device itself.

My first suspicion was, that these power supplies were not powerful enough to charge the battery, when at the same time I select the device's "highest performance level" (which I typically do while running on external power) - see screenshot 1. But even when I choose the opposite "best battery life" position, it oftentimes won't start charging - see screenshot 2.

What could be causing this? Are others making the same or similar experiences? Is there anything one can do about this?

Typically the situation relaxes after a while and at most an hour after attaching the device to power it also displays "charging" (and the next morning it was always fully charged - with one exception so far, though). But since I am observing this charging business a bit more closely I find it increasingly disturbing and annoying.


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I’ve had this problem with sp3 and three chargers.

Support’s only recommendation is to return the machine (by courier in UK) and presumably stop working until it comes back.

Issue clearly between Microsoft charger and jack. I use non microsoft battery oack and cable to work aroubd.

Best if luck