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MS Surface pro 4: Terrible Build quality

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Hi. i am very disappointed with this machine.

i ordered and received a Surface pro 4 with i7 512gb, 16gb RAM last year December in the UK and about two weeks ago the device stopped charging and it couldnt even recognise the charger and as a result, the battery died and it wouldnt turn back on, leaving it as an expensive plate matt.

I have both the official surface pro dock and the supplied charger that came with the surface pro 4 and both showed the same issue and couldnt power and charge my device.

Fast forward to today when i finally received a replacement, that replacement they sent me is also broken.

The replacement can recognise the charger from my dock and the official cable, but it wont charge the battery. The battery stays at 0 percent and now from an expensive plate matt, i know have a tiny under powered expensive desktop tablet...

I am now planning to return the whole lot back to MS and want a refund.

Sorry but this is just not acceptable at all and feel frustrated on a device that costs nearly £2000.00 in the UK.

Yes i can request for another replacement but wait again for a week? and test again and reinstall again? no thanks. i dont expect this kind of issues to arise(twice) in such an expensive device.
Where did you buy your Surface? The online-store or a retailer. If its the latter, you should be able to just take it there and replace it.
With the store, it can take up to a week.
That being said, there is someone else on here who had three duff machines in a row as well. Most have had fairly decent luck with their machines though. That being said, while the mobile i7 isn't the most powerful chip on the block, it is hardly underpowered.

A silly question, but have you applied all of the updates? Also have you tried another charger? Assuming you only replaced the tablet rather than the whole lot?
I have two chargers. The dock and the normal one that came with it.

I purchased from Ms store and instead of sending me a new one they seem to have sent me someone's sloppy seconds.

Yea my original tablet was fully up to date.
My SP4 i7 is a beast and is the best thing on the market - A few bad apples doesn't spoil the bunch thankfully
My first SP4 was a i5, 256, 8, and had t be sent back. I now have an i7, 256, 8 and couldn't be happier. I have had no issues as I did a clean install and all updates were done before I started using it.
My first SP4 was a i5, 256, 8, and had t be sent back. I now have an i7, 256, 8 and couldn't be happier. I have had no issues as I did a clean install and all updates were done before I started using it.

What's the LOT number of your device?
I have read around many forums - yeah I need a life. But I run into the negative experiences here and there, and with any product there will always be those who aren't satisfied. I more than understand that dropping $2000.00 on a machine is a big step for many, me included, and we want a superior product for that type of coin. Some folks just have the worst luck it seems like jonneymendoza - But I am here to tell you that the Surface Pro 4 surpasses all in its class. When you compare the Ipad with no USB ports, or zero chance of upgrading the memory, and the fact that if you haven't paid for it in the IStore or whatever its called, well your aren't gonna be using it on that machine unless you "jailbreak" the machine, which oh by the way voids the warranty. The "I" anything, while also a superior product is very, very proprietary - as for me I like being able to install whatever I like on my machine, weather it be Pirated or paid for, its my machine and no-one has the right to tell me what I can, or cannot put onto it. Take that Mr. Jobs!

The Surface Pro was designed for productivity, and also to possibly replace the laptop in most cases. With little to no work, I was able to turn the power off indefinitely on my laptop, and have rid myself of the lunky, cumbersome beast I so loved. I can do any and everything on my Surface Pro 4 with ease, that I can do on a laptop, or desktop - with regards to burning a DVD etc. (which can be done externally of course) ..............I would say to those who are having issues -keep in mind you are dealing with a tablet and Microsoft. Stay on TOP OF Microsoft as its been my experience over the last 25 years that Microsoft will make good on all of their products. You of course have every right to be upset and vent your frustration anywhere and as much as you like. I respectfully disagree and wish you the best of luck in finding a better tablet solution on the market today.
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