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From A Buick 8

From A Buick 8

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Looks like it my have been the Micro SD card, I had been using a 64gb SanDisk that I had just bought from Amazon. I tried an older 32gb card from a friend and it has been working correctly since yesterday. I have restarted, put to sleep and locked and unlocked several times and the card has stayed mounted each time.

I am going to return the one to Amazon and buy a different micro card locally.


I'm having issues with my sdcard as well...I am using a 128GB Sandisk SDXC card and formatted fine and mounts fine but when I moved some big files over taking over half the space of the card...the space shows the right amount used and available space but the folders show up empty and some folders have some of the files but not all of them...majority of folders are just empty but everything moved over as they were deleted from the hdd from the sp3...seems like they are hidden and no way to access them...maybe this is a bad card? Any ideas?


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There are serious reliability problems with the micro USB port on Surface machines. I have struggled with this for months, swapping cards, even driving 20 miles to a Microsoft Store with a brand new unopened Micro SD card for them to try. Didn't work. Only suggested solution was to pay $500 to swap for a rebuilt machine or buy a new one. Very disappointing. My faith in Microsoft has been severely damaged.