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Mouse jumps to the upper left corner


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I stumbled across this problem today. The thing is that while I work, in Word for instance, the mouse jumps to the upper left corner AND does a series of clicks and moves about. Very frustrating as the marker in the document looses focus and sometimes the document closes down.

BUT I'm pretty sure its related to the TypeCover being closed because this only happens when the coves is closed and the surface is connected to a docking with screens. If I open up the surface so its in a standing position but still docked (without using the screen of the surface, only the external) the problem goes away. Closing the cover and use it docked causes these problems.

I tried to recalibrate touch for the surface screen but It does not help. The trackpad seems a bit over-sensitive, capturing magnetic/electric stuff from the screen, even while closed? It seems a bit accidental, is there a component INSIDE the surface that, while with he type cover closed, affects the upper part of the trackpad - but now I'm just theorizing.

Anyone else having these problems? Is there a fix?


So I had a similar problem and they replaced my Surface. It was almost like something was causing the screen to think their was a finger or pen doing an action in that corner. Mine was the top right when it was horizontal. Mine was so bad you could actually see the little circle like the screen was being pushed for a action. Hope this helps.


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I have exactly the same problem and it is really annoying. I´ve had the mouse click on send when in the middle of writing an email, opening and closing programs etc. I have had lengthy correspondence with MS support, uppdating drivers here and there. Now I was asked to reinstall Windows 10, which I have not done. I have a colleague with the same problem.

How did you get them to replace your Surface?


I just called into technical support, went through their steps and they determined the need to replace. Had a credit card hold the advancement replacement and I think I had it in a day or two.

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