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Wacom stylus cursor gets stuck in ~1 inch box in upper left corner


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Hi, so I've found similar issues on other tablets, but nothing relating specifically to the Surface, and I figured I'd ask you guys before I contact support. I suspect it may be some sort of hardware quirk, or short of that, may require reinstalling everything

Sometimes --- either after switching rotation, or sometimes when the device starts up the stylus is stuck in a one inch box in the upper left corner... if I move it, it will move within that box, but is pretty much useless outside of it. Restarting fixes the issue -- I can't reliably reproduce the issue either, but it seems to happen more frequently on startup when the keyboard is attached (but it will still happen when it is not attached).

It's a minor annoyance that has been bothering me. I saw a thread elsewhere (I believe Microsoft KB, but I can't find it again) where the Microsoft agent thought it was a keyboard thing, but It happens to me (and the person in that thread) regardless of the keyboard (type cover) being attached. There wasn't a solution in there that worked for me. I figure I'd ask in here.... otherwise I'll refresh windows, contact support and maybe warranty it out.

I do have the latest WACOM drivers, but I believe I had this problem before I installed them.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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Yeah, I have exactly the same issue, also running the new Wacom drivers. Not sure if it was happening before I installed them.
I can now reliably reproduce it by shutting down with the keyboard attached. Even if I disconnect it before I start it back up, it will be stuck every time. It happens other times as well. ..I'm reinstalling everything tonight or over the weekend and we'll see. .I might do a warranty return.
Did you have any luck with the refresh?

So, I didn't have the error for a while after I did a complete restore of windows 8. I didn't initially install the new WACOM drivers until two days ago, but yesterday I had this happen again -- the first time since completely restoring it. I wonder if it's related to the new WACOM drivers... sucks because I use the pressure sensitivity in photoshop.

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I'm experiencing this issue, too. Installed Wacom drivers. Made a habit of powering down device. Experience issue when changing orientation. Contemplating uninstalling the drivers.

The only temporary solution I know is restart.

Any known updates or fixes?
I signed up just for this thread. I can't find any resolutions anywhere. In fact this is the only page I could find mentioning the issue. My stylus screws up every time I start the Surface. But perhaps the resolution is to not turn off the device with the keyboard plugged in. Although that's kinda BS.

Is this strictly a Wacom issue? If so, do I really need Wacom? or can the stylus pressure be sensed without it? I'd hope not. The device comes with this pen, you'd think it's full functionality would be included.