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MS Project 2016 Display issue


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Hello all...hoping you can help with a curious but annoying problem.

I have 5 computers with MS Project 2016 on them (same installation ISO), but the Surface Pro 3 keeps having this recurring problem:

It will display entries, to include entire columns, as all hashtages "######" instead of what's supposed to actually be in that field.

If I open that same file on any other computer, all is fine.
So it doesn't seem to be corrupted files.

This includes Project files created even on the Surface itself.
The files are fine from or worked on any other computer, but on the Surface they'll suddenly display (and print) all screwy like that.

I've uninstalled, scrubbed the registry, and reinstalled a few times. That sometimes "fixes" it for a while, then it will start happening again.
(Note, the Surface started out with Win8, then 8.1, then upgraded to 10.....no change)

Is there some issue with it being a tablet that isn't compatible with Project files?


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This is a total wag but I'm guessing the issue is one of the resolution being used on your SP3 display.


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The column width is too narrow to Display all of the data in the field, most likely because of the default 200% scaling, make the column width wider it should display normally. (works the same as Excel)