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MS Surface Pro 4 - attempting recovery


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We have 24 four Surface Pro 4 devices and for various reasons, we want to 'factory reset' all of them.

Some will boot into Windows, others are stuck in the "Surface boot loop".

I have followed the steps on the MS support pages, downloaded the recovery image, copied to a USB and then (as instructed by MS) overwritten the files on the USB, with recovery files from one of the working Surface Pros (anyone know why the 'raw' recovery image downloaded from the MS site isn't OK ?)

Even on the working device, I can't get it to even acknowledge there is a USB inserted, let alone attempt to boot from it. There doesn't seem to be any way for the one in the boot loop to interrupt that process and boot from the USB either.

I did attempt MS Live Chat, but the guy just took me through the steps on their web pages and when that didn't work, said he had to go home !

Any ideas ?



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What are you UEFI setting configured to boot from? Is USB Boot disabled in SEMM?