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Surface Pro 4 bricked - refusing to boot from USB


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Hello Surfateers,

I have 2 surface pro's 4's; one I repaired with a new battery, the other still has a swollen screen...

Due to a few stupid mistakes, I could not log on to the latter at all. After more trying to resolve, it only got worse. I spare you the angry words, but I ended up with a machine with no partitions on the SSD, and that refuses to boot from a Rufus made windows bootable USB stick, which I have used several times on non-laptops and always has worked great,
I made another USB with recovery according to MAS website (where you put in the serial number) and downloaded both the 1909 as the 20H2 versions.
This is read by the SP4, so you choose language, choose keyboard layout, and then a few minutes recovering with a percentage counter, and then a message that it could not be recovered, and nothing had changed.

Here I am... stuck... in disbelieve why it would not boot from a USB clean install.

Just sharing with everyone..