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Replacement Surface - System recovery


New Member
Hey guys, I had a screen break on my Surface Pro and got a replacement today. Before I went to the windows store I did a system image and it went flawlessly. I was very excited that this would be a seamless process that wouldn't involve hours of reloading software and tools. However, now that I have the new one and the old one is probably on it's way to a MS dumpster, I'm trying to push my image back on and not having a very good time.

I figured out how to boot to the CDROM with my Recovery DVD and also how to disable the Secureboot and whatever that other one is in the UEFI menu. (That is the way it is now). I got to the point where it asks me for my image, installed my USB Network driver and can see the image. Then when I click next, it says "Windows cannot restore a system image to a computer that has different firmware. The system image was created on a computer using BIOS and this computer is using EFI. "

How can that be? It was created from my old surface pro. Is there any way to get this done? Please tell me there is.
Is the new SP up-to-date like your old one? Install all the firmware updates from windows update then try again.
ID10T error.

Thank you for that idea! That made a lot of sense so I did it as I had run out of ideas for sure. It actually didn't fix the problem but it gave me a sense of well, WTF, this HAS to work now that every single thing has been tried!! Then, I finally found the problem - it was between the keyboard and the chair. I was pointing the restore to a root path i.e. \\computer\d$ folder rather than the \\computer\d$\subfolder I had created when I did it. I must've had an image I created there or started one or something.

So, anyway, it turns out this was an entirely smooth process in the event of a hardware replacement! Thanks for your assistance.