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MS Word template on Surface Pro


I'm a light user of MS Word for decades. Recently I bought a MS Office subscription and installed it on my Surface Pro. I'm encountering confusing behavior when I try to save a Word Template and I suspect it's more related to Win 8 and or OneDrive than the tablet itself but someone please help - this is maddening!

In my previous experiences I could save a document or template by clicking "save" and it would save any changes I had made to the original location of the document and leave the document open for further editing. In this case I'm trying to save changes to a .dotx template into the original location, a OneDrive sub-folder. When I click "save" it acts like I clicked "save as" and prompts for a location. The original location is not displayed so I need to click "browse". I browse to the location but the file I want to save it as (the original file) is not displayed because the dialog box has filled in a new file name for me and it is a docx file, not a dotx file. So I change the file type I want to save it as back to "dotx" and the save dialog automatically takes me out of the folder I want to save it in and to the default folder where Office stores Word templates! Very time consuming and frustrating. So I navigate back to the OneDrive folder I want to save it in, and see the file name of the open file and try to save my changes to the original file but it informs me that document is open and I cannot save my changes to an open document!

This is not how computers I am familiar with operate! Do I have to relearn everything I know about managing documents? What am I not understanding?

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