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mSATA replacement in the Pro is almost impossible


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According to iFixIt, there's 90 screws to undo and you have to get past the glue holding the device together to get to the Micron mSATA drive...


The Micron RealSSD C400 packs 64 GB of storage capacity. It can read 500MB/s and write 95 MB/s — all in a tiny 1.8" form factor.
Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

Who's the first one going to try without damaging their device???

I have a 240gb Mushkin Atlas with 555MB/s read and 530MB/s write, I'd like to put in. But with this much trouble opening it up, I would put in the 480GB Mushkin Atlas.
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90 screws! Kinda hard to believe. You would either have to be crazy or very rich to attempt that swap.


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If you got pretty good at it, you could probably start a fairly profitable business buying 64GB models, upgrading them to 240, and selling them for a couple hundred extra dollars.

I'm too much of a sissy though.


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So I guess when the rubber meets the road the supplied storage is sufficient despite all the reviews that users would never tolerate the limited storage :wink:

For better or worse electronics are becoming non-upgrade-able and disposable and we take the convenience of what we are offered. Of course the easy answer is they should come with more memory. The difficult question though is: would you pay an extra several hundred dollars for that rather than complain about the price and how much cheaper it is to add SD storage instead?


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electronics are becoming non-upgrade-able and disposable and we take the convenience of what we are offered

I think this is key - these devices are lucky to last 2 years in our hands, so there is really no need to upgrade them. As it becomes easier and easier to move your profile, data, and application set from machine to machine, we stop concerning ourselves with how upgradeable something is. I sure do anyway.

I think though, that if MS gave a 256gb option for another $100 I would have taken it for sure. I think they could have. However, I am pretty happy with 128gb. So far. After 2 days of ownership. :D


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Ah shucks. It's kind of like so many other devices out there that are engineered to last a limited time, not be upgrade worthy and ultimately have to be recycled to be properly disposed of. So sad.