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Multi Display - IE-Resolution


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Hello, hope anyone can help me with my Display Resolution Problem.

I have a Surface pro 4 with 2 external Display connected by using the Microsoft Docking Station with 2 Mini DP Port.

Surface Display: 2736 x 1824
LG Ultra-Wide: 2560 x 1080
Samsung Curve: 1920 x 1080

Now my Problem:
If I open Internet Explorer 11 and also the "snippingTool" on Surface screen, It has a good size of Menue and Link Bar on the top of the window, but if I open the Programm on external Screen or if I slide it from Surface Screen to an external Screen the size of menua Bar is very very large.

If I put e.g. Excel or Outlook from Surface Screen to external Display then I see that the size of the Menue Bar is chanching in the Moment when it slide from one to an other Display.

So, the size Problem is not a General Problem, it depends on Software ... but IE11 and Snipping Tool are Microsoft products.

I hope I explained good enaught (I'm german and not so good in english language) so that I can get help from you...


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Snipping Tool is an older program (works great) but still uses older style scaling, IE still has some legacy code as well, does Edge behave the same?


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I just try edge (I did not know this browser before)
Edge is working fine, so it seems to be a Problem with older Programms