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Multiple docks and settings, forever updating settings.

John Giguere

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I have two docks, work and home plus I work with the laptop while not connected to a dock.
At home I use three screens one being the SB with the other two Samsung 32" monitors at 1920x1080 using displayport connections.
At work I use only one monitor a Samsung 34" ultra wide 3440x1440 connected to the dock by displayport.

I'd like to plug into the dock which ever one and go quickly to work but instead I have to mess with settings.
From work to just using the laptop the screen resolution must be changed for each configuration.

Settings for the 3440x1440 are 125% resolution, but, when you restart the laptop when not connected to the dock you can barely see the screen until I change to 200%. Then of course when I connect to the dock the icons are huge until I switch to 125%.

The other part of this is that in order for all my programs to work correctly I have to switch resolution and then restart the machine.

It's just so time consuming to have to open display settings every time I connect to one of my two docks or use the laptop without a dock.


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Hey John, Im unable to help I'm afraid, I've only used my surface with a single dock and screen setup. It does sound like a rather tiresome situation. It's annoying enough when I have to occasionally unplug and plug in the mDP to the dock for the screen to be identified.

Btw, I've edited your thread title. The "how to" prefix is reserved for tutorials and guides.

John Giguere

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It seems like when it's connected to a certain dock it should automatically switch to the settings previously used for that dock and when not connected to a dock it should revert back to the settings last used when not connected to a dock. The fact that you may use multiple docks shouldn't matter, when connected to dock-A it should have retained settings for that certain dock as well that it should have retained settings for dock-B. Maybe in the software someplace it could have specific settings for different locations, that would be cool. It could recognize I'm working today at the home-office or tomorrow at the main-office.

In both locations I use different hardware, printers, monitors etc.. It would be nice to click print and the laptop know that it has only two options at home and 4 at work. It would be neat.


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Wprks fine with multiple docks, monitors, etc. The problem is Windows.

Use Displayfusion and all your problems are solved.

Configure profiles for all your dock scenarios and you will never have an issue again. I do not work for them but have used the product for years; inexpensive and solves ALL your issues.


Works fine between 2 microsoft docks with different monitor set ups, a plugable Dock, and the unit by itself.

This looks interesting. One thing that drives me crazy is the sizing of windows when applications open. Do you know if Displayfusion can help with this. That is the main thing that I don't like about the standard functionality when going from docked to undocked. There is a little dance that goes on to resize all the windows on the external monitor that were already open after redocking.


If you use the new application Properties Tab for Compatibility and select "Override high DPI scaling behaviour" - "Scaling performed by" - "System" (or one of the other choices) - it may solve that problem...