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Multiple User Accounts on Surface 3 in Windows 10

My Surface 3 is set-up using multiple users with Windows 10. And there are a couple of annoyances I've noticed.
  1. On the login screen (using a picture password), it is not apparent how to switch to the other user(s). At first I couldn't switch users at all unless I logged in and switched from the Start menu. But after the "cumulative update" from a few days ago, switching users is now possible from the login screen but from the password (manual) login screen only. It would be nice to see this option selectable from the picture password login as well. Has anyone else noticed this, and does anyone know a fix for this?
  2. In addition to this last point, there is a definite bug when switching between users within the picture password login screen. After selecting the manual password screen in order to switch users, then going back to the picture password login screen, the image/picture for the login gestures disappears and goes black. I can get it back by switching back to the manual password screen and back again, but this is extremely annoying. The image/picture never disappears like this otherwise. Any else experience this, and is there a fix for it?
There are other annoyances that I have noticed using Windows 10 which I only seem to notice when I switch between users, but perhaps these are bugs in general usage as well (since I switch between users often), like:
  1. The touch screen seems to stop functioning properly. It seems to revert to a right click function only, where each touch indicates a right click. I can only fix it with a restart.
  2. The keyboard sometimes stops working. The back light will light up when I touch it, yet no inputs can be detected. Again, only a restart will fix this.
These issues have severally tainted my experience with Windows 10 thus far. If they can be fixed I think the other annoyances could be far more easily tolerated.

Anyone else?



I have the black user login icon for multiple but it doesn't really bother me.

I do find inconsistencies in touch, not sure yet if it's the OS or me not understanding it yet.

You should report it to the feedback app