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Complete User Control of Password Login requirement


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I have "upgraded" to Windows 10. The installation was reasonably successful, however some settings that I depended on no longer work the same way, and I would like more control over when I have to enter a password.

I am using a Navigation program on a boat, and I do not want to have to enter my password or a 4 digit code whenever I want to wake the computer from sleep. I have been setting the Settings > Presentation adaption screen to "I am giving an presentation turn off the screen saver." But that does not seem to work very well now either..

1. Machine were only allowed to go to sleep (after an adjustable period) much longer than the 3 min now permitted.
2. A new "Presentation

Password required after sleep

Search on forum "Password required after sleep"

"Don't require a password login on wake from sleep" - does not work for me.

Also this regedit suggestion does not seem to fix it either.

I hope I can get this resolved, or it will be difficult to navigate using this computer.


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I think this is being caused by Bitlocker which requires logins all the time.
Is there a way to control bitlocker?
Or perhaps I should just shut the dam thing off!!
Too many things controling each other.
Now wonder Engineers tear their hair out and retire early.
Everything keeps changing, layered on top of layer.
It may also be driven by security policies required by one of your email providers. When I enabled access to my work email account in the Windows 10 Email app, this triggered certain requirements due to the security policies at work. The same thing happens on my iPhone/iPad - the device must be secured by the PIN if I have those accounts on the email app.