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Any recommendatio for a User ID/Password Manager for Modern UI IE?



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I just tried it...LastPass is snapped on the left and IE is on the right. I clicked the Browser button for my site in LastPass and it still opened up the site in the LastPass window.

So what exactly did you do to get it work like you mentioned? If I had it working like that, it would be great and effective solution for me.



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I'm still getting accustomed to swiping from right to left to open options for apps. ;)

I remembered and so I saw the option to launch in Browser when pinned. I enabled and it did launch the site in IE, but auto login isn't working. Only the site page launches. I tried it with a couple of sites and get the same result. :(

If I disable the option and return to using the LastPass built-in browser, then auto login "somewhat" works. I say somewhat because the User ID/Password fields get populated, but Enter is not sent. I'd still be okay with that because at least I won't have to type in User ID/Password, but I'm not even getting that.


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How to save all these passwords & how to remember whenever they required?

You can use Lastpass in Windows, Mac, Linux and all major mobile platforms. All saved Passwords, Form filling data will be available where ever you required in any supported device. All these thing you can do by Installing Lastpass Password Manager

This is really helpful tool for every one, Its available in free and paid versions even in enterprise level. Install and use Lastpass Password Manager and forgot all your passwords except your master password of Password Manager’s.
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