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Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

Deryl McCarty

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My latch works ok...push button, WAAAIT for it, then the click and it detaches with but a tug. My problems is that the task bar shows the Surface detach icon with a red X and the accompanying: Surface Detach: hardware failure. hum. yet it works. I do not plan to tug on the KB or tablet anytime soon while it is supposedly attached. I never do get the green screen popup saying its ok to detach...just the click.

Deryl McCarty

Active Member
ok, read up on the problem on other blogs, mostly the MSFT blog on the SB. Others having similar problems. In my case not exactly the same but close. At any rate most of the MSFT helpers and other bloggers said the problem was software and that the UEFI (BIOS) was not completing its job. So I did the turn all off, power-on using the Volume up and power switch, get into the UEFI then go right back to exit without changing anything. I actually took Paul Thurott's advice and while I was in UEFI read all the entries and tried to relearn what switches were available. After doing so and without changing any settings, I rebooted from the UEFI (click exit) and lo and behold all of the problems with tablet detachment went away. the hardware button now reads as Ready to detach, the green rectangle now shows when the its ready, the icon on the task bar itself is active and is a second way to detach besides using the KB key and the screen auto-rotates when detached and when the tablet is put back on in the drawing mode. I am now about ready again to fast ring update to 576. Well maybe after a good night's sleep.


So was on phone with Microsoft for over 1 hour. They agreed to replace it. Sending me a new unit. I was surprised because of lack of inventory but perhaps they have excess in case of issues with early adopters? Anyway, they send me the order guarantee and was told to expect my new machine within 3-5 business days. We will see
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