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How I solved my SDCard unmounting problem...


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Many people have had issues with their SDCard randomly unmounting. Here's what I did that seems to have solved the problem. I have not had any unmounts since doing this 2 days ago.

I cut a small square of electrical tape and put it on the top of the SDCard before inserting it. This served to push the contacts down just a little harder inside. Boom, done.

** UPDATE - I have now been using my SDcard without a single dismount problem for 3 days. However, when trying to pop my SDCard out this am it seems "stuck", obviously not a desirable result. My guess is that since the SP is hot the tape has swollen a bit and it holding it in there tight. Will try again later after the tablet has been off for an hour to see if it pops out easier.

So, although this clearly works, I doubt anyone wants their SDCard getting stuck and you may wish to hold off trying this until I see if I can get the card out. Even if I can't oh well, at least it works and it is a Class 10 32 GB card which is more than enough.

*** UPDATE 2.0 - Was able to get SDCard out by putting the tip of a razor blade just under the bottom side of the card and flicking out. Obviously not a desirable solution even though it worked. Spring mechanism to insert and expel SDCard still working fine. Turns out that the heat of the SP had caused the tape to come loose and it was just getting caught up in there. Nothing was damaged.

Nevertheless it is too bad because this actually worked. Now have to fine another solution.

Since this seems to happen mostly with the Sandisk Cards I am thinking perhaps they are a bit thinner than most cards and don't press the contacts down hard enough. The card is thinner than my old 16 GB card.
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