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Better Music App Than XBOX?


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I could not disagree more. As a Zune user, the Xbox Music app is an abomination. At one time iTunes for Windows was the worst media player. Now, Xbox has eclipsed iTunes. The user interface is barely half way done. Scrolling through hundreds of albums is clunky. Not being able to find my media is unacceptable. And instead of getting better it just keeps getting worse. Music Match has jammed my local storage with multiple duplicates of my tracks. It is so bad, I hope whoever is responsible for this mess is soon standing on a street corner with a tin cup!

Okay, thank you! For anyone that used Zune, this is heartache. I remember the first time I couldn't do something on Zune's webpage and found out about the transition to XBOX music. I thought there were going to be quick improvements, but no. Microsoft seems to reward early adopters/faithful with a kick in the shins. If I didn't dislike the alternatives so much and if I didn't care about integration, I would be seriously thinking about switching. I'm already thinking of trying out android with my next phone purchase. I'm getting rather tired of "enhancements" like this.


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MediaMonkey rules!! I can finally stream my entire music and video collection anywhere in the house. I had been waiting for flac support and it not only came, but with a great wifi option too.