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desktop rpelacement and accessories


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desktop replacement and accessories

Hey guys. Just wondering how you guys are doing using your surface pro as your desktop replacement? I just gave my vaio AIO to my 4yr old and my asus zenbook to the wife since I'm using the surface pro all the time.

I'm wondering what's the best approach for using the SP as a desktop replacement. Should I go dual touch monitors from Dell (S2340T) or just get two basic LED screens and connect them to a dynadock?

Speaking of dynadock, any recommendations with that USB3 for video output? Can 2 touch screen monitors be connected to a dynadock and have the touch functionality intact? Reason is I don't want too many cables to connect, I like the idea of just one usb3 cable to connect to all accessories.

any thoughts on how to set it up as desktop replacement? what other goodies are out there for our SP?? I already have the wedge mouse, back skinnit, type cover, and 64gb microsd.
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The problem with the usb 3.0 docking stations for running video output is that your Intel HD 4000 Control Panel won't see the monitor and thus can't control it's brightness, gamma, etc. I found this to be a deal killer because my external monitor seemed washed out compared to when I had it on Displayport.



Are you getting a lot of lag from this dock? I bought one and have it boxed up ready to return because of lag issues with a wireless mouse on the external display.


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isn't that a rebadged Toshiba dynadock?

anyway, would you guys suggest this route over getting 2 touch screen dell monitors? or can the 2 TS dell monitors be connected via that Pluggable dock?

I'm currently torn if I should get touch screen monitors or 2 non touch screens and a dynadocl (or Pluggable)?

Pros and cons anyone?