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Recommended!!Dell S2340T 23-inch Multi-touch Monitor


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So I was interested in getting a monitor for my pro to take the place of my older desktop all in one..HP. I was getting discouraged from some of the reviews discussing the scaling issues ...etc. but I was still looking at 27inch size. I almost pulled the trigger a few times but I was hesitating bc of the scaling thing. I happen to come across this one on dells site than noticed it was $50 cheaper at ms Store and in stock online. I decided to check eBay bc I had a PayPal credit to use and saw it for only $550 or best offer. Needless to say I got it delivered today for $500. I am glad I went for the 23inch but most important 10 point multi touch and instantly works with Windows 8. So many options it is worth the $650 on MS site. I can't tell you how nice this thing is color, size, touch.....not one issue scaling. A bunch of usb connects etc. can even lay it completely down and play air hockey etc. From metro apps to desktop apps, everything works pnp. Yes I could have gotten larger for even half price w/o touch but this thing is amazing. If you are looking for a great monitor. I recommend this. Buy Dell S2340T 23-inch Touchscreen Monitor - 10-point multi-touch, great for Windows 8 - Microsoft Store Online
Very nice. I'm looking for a desktop touchscreen too, something between $300 & $400. For that price I may have to wait a while.
I am looking at this exact monitor and the only thing I was worried about was the scaling issue??? Can you explain how it is working ok (full res and 100% scaling)? Do you have to re-scale every time you connect it? How do you connect it? Any feedback would be great. Thanks!!
There is a PLANAR touch 22 for about 300 ~ :) Logitec makes a control pad for pennies on the dollar that allows you all the gestures of a touch screen without the screen.
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The scaling works fantastic. I bought a Belkin mini display to hdmi from MS STORE. Well it was part of my bundle. Came with hdmi cord and it only works with that cord. I originally thought it was broken bc I used the mini display adapter with the hdmi on a few sets I already had. Right before I returned it I tried the cord it came with and it worked. So anyway I only use that thru the hdmi on the monitor. Than you hook up the usb 3.0 from the surface to the monitor so all the touch is recognized. You don't have to adjust any scaling ever.(forgot to mention mine has always been custom set at 140% on my surface ) Just plug it in a Walla. I also have been using the touch pad from Logitech with my all in one that I upgraded to win 8. Does not compare. It works but still the monitor is better...the ten pt multi is unbelievable. I almost got the 29 in widescreen dell without touch and I am glad I opted for this one. If you have the money I would say you won't be disappointed in the monitor. Just got done doing a puzzle with my son with the monitor laying down than we played airhockey. The hinge on it is so customizable..... He is 3 so you know it was a crazy game of airhockey.
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Very nice. I'm looking for a desktop touchscreen too, something between $300 & $400. For that price I may have to wait a while.

The Acer 23 Inch Touch Screen in PC-mag review looks pretty nice for a little more , like 500. I just ordered the Monitor from this article's title we shall see how it lives up.
I've been debating on upgrading my Alienware M17xR3 to Windows 8 and buying that monitor. I think I might buy from Best Buy since they have a 30 day return policy if I don't like.