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Hi Surface Forum--

I am a high school teacher---not at all a techie---who managed to find some grant money to add computers to my classroom. Originally I intended to purchase iPads but after a year of finding out what you could NOT do with an iPad I wanted to shop around. Thanks to cooperation from several parties we ended up with some HP laptops, mini iPads, iPads and three MS Surface RTs.

When the kids have a deadline they go to the laptops. When they get to use tablets everyone has a preference. Strangely enough the three Surface units get used twice as much as the six iPads.

I like the iPads for the reliability of the hardware and the speed but in our Windows server environment we have problems operating apple products. They tell me that the iPads can be networked but they have been in the building since May 2012 and they still are not.

We have a lot to learn yet. The tablets are also shared with two other districts so we will be giving the grantor feedback from three directions before the year's end.

Welcome AGMAN. Interesting perspective. I look forward to hearing more on how it goes. Certainly the RT would seem like the ideal device for a student who needs to get work done and isn't just messing around or using a specific app tailored to a lesson (I don't know a virtual biology app that let's you dissect frogs on an iPad for example). The included Office should be a powerful tool for students. Of course the iPad minis are probably much better for reading since they are smaller, lighter and easier to hold. Of course if the students need to save their work and take it with them the laptops and the Surface RT offer the option of moving files to a usb stick which is another advantage.

Do the Surfaces have MS touch or type keyboards or just the tablets? It should be interesting to see how things go and I am sure it will be a great learning experience for the school as well as the students.

My 12 year old uses his Surface RT with Touch Cover everyday in school to type his papers, take photos and video and uses OneNote for in class notes and assignment organization.