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My Microsoft fix for loosing WiFi during Connected Standby

So, I've still been periodically loosing WiFi access during Connected Standby.

It's hard to tell from MS website(s) whether this is an acknowledged issue and/or if there is a fix, or if one is on the way.

So today I decided to chat up MS help and see what they would say.

Basically, they had me enable Hyper V temporarily which caused a "Power Management" tab to show up under the Marvell Driver. Then they had me disable the option "let computer disable driver during sleep" on that tab. Then after that we disabled Hyper V.

The net effect of this seems to be that the Marvell driver is told to not sleep when the Surface sleeps, which means I shouldn't loose WiFi during sleep. But the price for that is apparently more battery used while sleeping, since the driver will be active while the unit is sleeping.

I asked the Help person if they were basically admitting that the Marvell driver cannot reliably be put to sleep and she said "Yes".

My last question to her was whether they had any idea how much more battery is used up with this option enabled (the default) vs. with it disabled and she essentially said "No".

Interesting that it sort of sounds like they are admitting defeat when it comes to CS fully working as expected ..

Anyone else have any updated info to share on the WiFi/CS issue?

I was able to answer my own question last night.

Last night I turned off the option (as per MS) that lets the system put the Marvell driver to sleep when the system sleeps. I had 100% battery. I put the system to sleep and went to bed.

8 hours later, the battery is completely drained.

So I guess this option really isn't an option after all...

Oh well. Maybe a permanent fix is coming for the Surface 4??



I tried this just out of curiosity and since I have experienced 2 blue screens coming out of hibernation...so I checked the box back...we'll see if that was the culprit..wifi seemed to connect right away tho on the times it didn't blue screen...but getting blue screens kinda trumps over the latent wifi connectivity...