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My screen does not change colors when I connect my touchcover


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Does anyone know how to enable the color change for the touch cover? I have a white one but it never changes.


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Are you saying the screen on the tablet should change color to match the touch cover? That is the first I believe I have ever heard about such an ability and I am not sure that is an actual feature.


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Yes it would be. Maybe version 2, the "Smart Color Touch Cover, with intelligence screen switching built in(R)" and I don't know maybe throw a 5G or something in there too :)


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Funnny thing: i heard about this feature too, and today the surface-page on facebook showed a picture and stated this ability. This post have been deleted. I assume, it was planned to have this feature, but it was canceled.


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Well they have to leave some wow factor features for the Surface 2 don't they? :starstruck:
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