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TouchCover 2 doesnt always work on MSP2


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So my SP2 decides when it wants the touch cover to work... sometimes it does. sometimes it doesnt.
I've made sure every time its connected properly and always try to take it out then put it back in,
Im pretty sure its the SP2 not the cover as my cover works on my fathers surface RT fine.

Does anyone know what this problem is? is it software? if so, where can i Download it and where do i put it ?

ive tried :
- looking in settings, all options turned on
- cleaning device and keyboard
-disabling and enabling in device mngr.

Penny for your thoughts?
ps. buy the type cover over touch guys ^^


Staff member
First - make sure all updates are installed, if that doesn't work look in Device Manager in locate the Touch Cover Firmware and uninstall it, reboot with the cover on and see if it installs it correctly.