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My SP4 Works Great


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Any forum is always geared toward negative posts because why would anyone post on the Internet about something working? I myself have posted about a lot of issues that I've had with both the SP2 and now the SP4 but what I'm here to post about is that, over the past month, as far as I can tell, everything now works as it should on my SP4. I haven't had it mysteriously wake from sleep on its own, my battery seems to last for as long as I'd expect (6-8 hours of on time with light use), nothing weird seems to happen because I leave an SD card in all the time, most of the Intel graphics driver crashes seem to be gone (it still has problems with Smooth Video Project for interpolating movies to 60 fps. I'm also back to using Google Chrome with AdBlock which might be helping to avoid all of the horrible ads that cause driver crashes and drain battery), and I've never had any issues with WiFi connection or speed (I have not, however, really tested WiFi with an active Bluetooth device connected).

This isn't to say that you shouldn't have issues: in fact, this is my 2nd SP4 as the keyboard port died within a week on my 1st one. It may even be the case that there might be a statistically higher incidence of faulty hardware this time around which is causing most of everyone's problems, namely the blue screens and crashes that I read about frequently on this forum. As such, I'd recommend doing two things before writing off your problematic device:
1) Do a full system refresh/reinstall of Windows 10. It could be that, on the software side, Microsoft is somehow bungling the system updates that apply over whatever versions the SP4 comes pre-installed with, thus causing weird system issues.
2) If you're having a lot of crashes and blue screens and the OS refresh/reinstall doesn't help, I'd really suspect a hardware issue because those things don't happen on a fully functional SP4. Go get your unit exchanged!

In closing, the purpose of this post was really to indicate that a fully functional SP4 works beautifully, and you deserve a working device, so keep exchanging units and causing Microsoft grief until you get what I have: a fantastic piece of tech that does everything in an ultra-portable form factor.


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Thank you for your post. It seems the only time people are compelled to post on these forums is when they have a problem which can paint a very negative picture of a product. I wish more people would post about their positive experiences.

I'm glad to hear that your SP4 is working as expected!



Mine is working well as well. Still a few bugs that aren't show stoppers, but I really did expect a update this month by now to address some of them. But heading out on a vacation in about 3 weeks and its definitely traveling with me.