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Solved My Surface go to sleep then restart.


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My surface go to sleep then restart itself. Once i login I get a message stating that the PC ran into a problem. This problem caused your PC to restart. You can send info to Microsoft about what went wrong to help us improve Windows.
I also have some dump files associated with the problem. :(
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Have you tried the recovery tools? I haven't dug into them much, but when the Surface boots up hold Function Key + F8 (like the older Windows to access safe mode). You'll then be presented with options on how to fix and recover the device. Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction.


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Thank you for the reply. I think i've figured it out. I was going into the properties of the wireless card - power management and deselecting allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.


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Hey, How do you get this Option of your Wireless Card? i dont have a power management Option in the devicemanager

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