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Need a Hi Res Surface compatible monitor


I am a video editor, running Premiere Pro. I do a lot of scrubbing and zooming in on images and need a monitor that will give me the kind of resolution the Surface screen has.

I have seen gaming monitors with 3860 and 2560 not none exactly 3000. Should I be shooting for a monitor that has a greater resolution or one with a resolution that is slightly less than 3000?

Price in not an issue, I am willing to og as high as $1K to get the kind of resolution that will allow me to zoom in on an image and still get a clean, sharp image.

I would also like to move seamlessly between to two monitors.
I see no-one touched your post and I can imagine why as there are just so many choices out there. I know that ASUS puts out a really good 4k monitor for gaming which is supposed to be super for high def and ultra settings. Of course a web check will render literally thousands of suggestions, but this link has some really nice monitors listed.
Best monitor 2018: the top 10 monitors and displays we’ve reviewed | TechRadar

One thing I used to do when I was still in the learning process and the internet wasn't what it is today - I would go and purchase a hard drive, monitor, video card etc, etc, and "test it out". I would make sure the return policy would allow me to return the item locally, (not through the device manufacturer). I would do a hit and miss until I found the item I wanted, or I wore out my welcome at the local Best Buy, at which point if it was important enough, I would just head over to the next Best Buy etc.

You can do this with a monitor as well. Usually you have 14-30 days for an electronic return. I used to open items meticulously and return them in "mint" condition which would assist with the return itself. Personally I don't see anything wrong with testing out an item and returning it granted it doesn't fit my needs. That's what a return policy is there for. Best of luck with your search. I am curious to see what you end with.
Thanks for taking the time to address my post and thanks for the link.

I was mostly concerned with compatibility. What screen resolution I should be looking at and how much tweaking should expect to have to do if I choose a resolution that isn't compatible with my SB display.

I the past I have experienced issues when moving a window from my ext monitor to my SB display. What looked fine on the ext monitor was huge on my SB monitor, for example. The opposite was also true, for example when Lr looked good on the ext monitor but got tiny on the SB, where the text on the menus and tabs got so tiny it was nearly impossible to use on the SB.

I've always had a hard time seeing text on my SB screen, because it's so tiny, which is one of the reasons I wanted an ext monitor, the other being that I needed big screen to edit graphics (in Ps, Lr, and Pre Pro).

I just want to be able to work seamlessly between two very hi-res monitors, without encountering surprises.
I see - I am sure you are aware that you can adjust the text size, per monitor within Windows 10. This adjustment can be done for just about everything within the Windows Display. Additionally when a second monitor is hooked up, you can adjust the text size for each monitor - I had to do this for my wife as her company bought her two different sized monitors (Genius) and it was driving her mad. Take a look at the pic - again - no offense intended, but sometimes we forget about the simple things. Hope this helps


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