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Need help To compare s3 To muy sp3 (i3)


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Hi, i am a happy owner of an surface pro 3 (i3) version. I want some feedback about performance of my sp3 vs the surface3. Also, what surface3 should I pick up to match it to my sp3 performance.
Mainly use of my sp3: basic windows & office, bluestacks, video watching, surfing, kodi, one note.
Also, how does battery life compare to my sp3.


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The SP3 i3 will perform noticeably better than the S3. Battery life probably isn't that much different, the S3 has a weaker CPU but also a smaller battery. BlueStacks may suffer on the S3 or may be insufferable. you'll get acceptable use browsing the Internets, using Office, etc. with occasionally lag in a smaller lighter package.

Were you planning to keep and use both or looking to replace your SP3. Id say they probably make a better team than either one individually with the S3 giving you a lighter device for lighter tasks and the SP3 doing the heavier lifting and being heavier to lift.


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If you want to do Office, surf the interwebz I agree: go for the Surface 3! I am a very happy Surface 3 owner! I use it for work as well