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Got my new SP3 i3


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Hi, I finally got my SP3 i3. I was waiting for the S3 (which i don't like) and the possible SP4 (still a mistery...even if they launch a coreM its not worth for me).
I got an excellent deal with 3y extended warranty (crystal crash, liquids, etc are all covered).
Please, can anyone point me where to find some info about how to:
-optimize disk space
-move recovery to an external HDD.
The in advance.


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Can't help you on your question except to say it would be very useful on a low disk space machine for you to purchase a solid state USB 3 drive. I purchased a couple of 256 gig ssd drives about 6 months ago for $129.

BTW. Congratulations on finally getting an SP3. I'm sure you won't regret it.


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The above link has instructions for freeing hard drive space by moving the recovery partition to a separate drive, & by disabling the hibernation file.

I have done the hibernation file disable, & it gave me almost 4 GB additional free space. It's also easily reversible, should you ever want to get the hibernation capability back. Personally, I like having it in connected standby at all times- if I'm concerned about battery drain, I just power down the device, since startup is so fast.

Haven't done the recovery partition move. Did it on my original Surface RT, then could never get the USB recovery drive to work.

Hope you are as happy with your i3 SP3 as I am with mine!


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Hi, I want to install office pro plus 2013 x64.
I just copied the existing folder with the pre-installed Office 2013 OEM to my USB (as backup). Then I uninstalled it.
Now I have a doubt. Do I need to install Onenote again? I just don´t find the folder where it is installed (I checked and it is still working).
Anyone can help me out?