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Netflix buffer


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ey guys,

I've downloaded the Netflix app and it's really awesome, but...

If you are watching a movie and pause it to switch to Skype or any other window, when you alt + tab to Netflix again you will get the movie detail (description, thumb, actors, etc) screen and then will need to buffer the movie again.

Does this happen to anyone else? It's not alarming, but it's pretty annoying, specially when you are at a hotel with a low life connection.


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Netflix can be spotty with buffering. Gets annoying and you may need to close the app.


I have had several odd experiences with Netflix. Sometimes I have problems with the buffer even when I have a very strong connection. I rarely have a signal drop or buffer problems when I swap programs, but I have had spotty performance with Netflix on all of my wireless devices; iPad, Apple TV, and Android.

There never seems to be any reason for the problems when they occur, otherwise, Netflix is usually pretty solid.