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Video Playback for both Movie &TV/Netflix apps stuttering..Help


I purchased the 2017 Surface Pro about 6 weeks ago. All updates have been performed and everything overall is running flawlessly (thank God!).

However, I fly to the West Coast a few days ago and decided to watch a downloaded Netflix movie on the flight as well as movie I downloaded from the Windows Store itself.

In both cases, throughout the entire movie (both Netflix and Movies & TV) it would stuttered and in some cases, while the sound was fine, the picture would freeze for 1-2 seconds.

It does this every 5-6 minutes or so. So frustrating. There was one point where it appeared to stop for 10-15 min but started in again.

Now, when flying, I have SP in airplane mode and don't connect to wifi unless I need it for work. Otherwise, I don't do that and I stop OneDrive from being open as well in the taskbar.

I've tried everything, even rebooting my SP from scratch and starting over (which I done doing as it's a huge PITA).

I have the i5 8G 256GB newest version.

All movies are downloaded to the SSD not a microSD card.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Here’s something odd. I was watching movies again yesterday and happened to not have full screen on which had done before and on Netflix app this issue didn’t return. Can’t say the same for the Movies & TV app. That still was problematic. I also kept airplane mode off.

So frustrating.