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Wireless adapter painfully slow...


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Hello guys,

I'm so annoyed by my surface pro 3 right now... specific: the wireless adapter. Before I couldn't use netflix, it was stuttering. After I finally soved the wich was the resolution, it worked again...

Now I am back... Same problem: I can't watch netflix. Not only this, as soon as I am connected to my wireless adapter my Surface pro 3 is horrendously slow, even the mouse is uncontrollably slow.

Iam not forcing my sp3 to do any heavy work, this means: No gaming, not running any big software or anything of this sort. Its my work laptop just do some simple mailing tasks and preparing stuff on onenote/word/powerpoint. When I get back from work I would like just 1 simple thing and that is being able to lay on my couch, connect my sp3 and watch a HD movie on Netflix. Its that simple.

The sp3 is running windows 10, its the i5 version.
The TV is a 4 years old samsung 82CM. 720p.

Any help would be awesome.

Kind regards, Stijn


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You gotta provide a ton more info. What driver, what router, are you in 5GHZ mode or 2.4Ghz, What mouse? using bluetooth? What other apps do you have installed that might be using wireless? How is the TV connected to your network?

You can't expect many answers without providing info. It's like going to a car repair place and just saying "it's broken".

With the right equipment, right router, etc, this nic IS capable of delivering high performance.

Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results


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From the information given it's got to be the TV.
You selected a 1080p video and it has to down convert to 720p.

I could be totally wrong though since the information is so sketchy.

How does it work without connecting the TV?
If watching just on the Surface screen is fine then WiFi to the Internet is probably not the issue.

Are you connecting the TV over wireless also or with a cable?
If via wireless are you using a streaming device plugged into the TV or directly to the TV?

Those guys above are pretty smart so if you give them a little more detailed information I'm sure they can help.


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Hello guys,

sorry for the late reply, been busy alot. Well as you may noticed Im not the best with computers or laptops. Anyways, I know that its not the connection that is bugging me. Using speednet gives me good reports on my uploading and download speeds. Also my surface is lightning fast without being connected to the TV. I can watch netflix when I'm not connected to the TV, download etc at the same time. So thats not the issue, I guess. I think the TV and surface may not be compatible, just like GreyFox7 said.

As said above Iam using wireless; this one to be precise
microsoft wireless display adapter - Google zoeken

Kind regards