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Network Issues


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I can not connect my Surface RT to my Comcast network. The network shows up on the RT, but won't connect. I haven't used my RT for months and can't get the updates without a connection. Can they be downloaded from MS (where?) and put on a USB stick and transferred to the RT? Do you think it is something else? My RT connected when I had a different router, but I now must use Comcast's router since I added phone service. I don't think I can make adjustments to the Comcast router.


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Have you tried forgetting the network and reconnecting? You could get a wireless extender and physically plug it into the new router and just connect to that instead. Not ideal but it would work when setup correctly.


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Omni is correct here. Delete the old connection completely and start fresh. You should be able to log into your Comcast router and adjust whatever settings you need. What are the Encryption settings? Thats basically what you need to know.. Are there other wireless devices in your house that do connect to that gateway? If so what are their settings? A usb to ethernet adapter would probably work just as well. The RT should detect most of them available today. It detected everything I owned when I had mine all those months back.