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New Marvel AVASTAR driver...


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My coworker and I just found that there is an update to the marvel driver when done from Device Manager. It installed fine.
I cannot test speeds yet from the office, but it is confirmed that he can now tether his Galaxy Nexus and couldn't before.
Not sure why Windows Update didn't advise about the driver.
New version is:

I will speed test it tonight.
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Tried to do this on the RT and no luck. MS may need to QC the updated drivers before they push them. Nice to know some of the issues may be handled through driver updates though.


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Very annoying that all my devices on wifi get 15Mbps+ and the SP gets 2-4Mbps max over Internet. Local access is very poor too.


Good News: For me using the Wedge mouse doesn't degrade WiFi speed as much as before
Bad News: When the Wedge is off the speed is not improved compared to before (which was horrible)
Worse News: With the old driver I had not experienced the dreaded "limited connectivity" bug many have reported, but with the new driver I got it constantly

I rolled back the driver and now I'm happier


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Well i upgraded my Linksys e3000 to an Asus rt-n66u and my speed went from 3mbps to 15 Mbps. Even tried ddwrt on the old one with no change in speed. Can't understand why the brand could make a difference.


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johnwlk.... I have the same asus router and consistently see 150mbps....do you have a lot of interference in the 2.4ghz band?
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