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New Surface Pro Marvell Avastar 350N Wi-Fi drivers 14.69.24044.150


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Go to Device Manager{ Windows key + X key} pick Network Adapters and expand. Right click on Marvell and pick update Driver software. Choose Browse my computer for Driver Software. Point to you have the folder Marvell/WLAN. You can do the same with Bluetooth in Device Manager (Marvell......... Radio Adapter) this time pick the Marvell/BT folder

This was exactly what I did. Thanks for detailing.


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Hi, this driver version is the one that is already installed on my SP2 pro. It fails to recognise my WiFi Hotspot on my Nokia N9, won't connect to my existing home network. However it does connect directly to my wirless internet router and work faultlessly.
Rather annoying that I can't use my phone hotspot...

Any ideas anyone?


Do you have any other character in your SSID that isn't a standard letter? If so, get rid of it... i.e. I changed mine from Olly's iPhone to just iPhone and it worked after that.