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New Member! Brought a couple questions with me


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Hey guys I'm new to the site, posting from my Surface w black touch cover (while in class, shhh!)

I love my surface, but I have a couple problems/confusions:

1) Occasionally my volume bar appears on screen when I am fairly sure I'm not pressing the volume buttons on the side nor the volume buttons on the touch cover...any ideas or similar experiences?

2) I bought a microHDMI to HDMI cable off of amazon. It was only 3 bucks but had great reviews. However, when viewing my surface on my 42" LG HDTV it doesn't look as great as it does on my screen. I went through all of my TV's aspect ratios, any suggestions? I just want to stream hulu or show photos but the resolution looks crumby.

Thanks for your help!



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Hi welcome.

Not sure about #1. Try a search because I think that may have been asked here before.

On #2 you need to use dual screen mode and not mirror mode. If you mirror the tablet screen you will only get the tablet resolution on the output.



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Thank you so much for your help on #2...that helped a lot...just a little difficult get things to show up on the second screen...the only way I got it to work was using the track pad on the touch cover to grab apps and "throw" them onto the second screen...the touch screen is of no use.


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Just activate Second screen only (by Settings charm or WIN+P). Keep in mind, that in this state you'll have to use your touchpad, as the touchscreen is completely useless.