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Hi everyone! I have bought a surface pro some weeks ago and am now on the hunt for more information, tips and tricks. It is replacing my 2010 iMac (and my MacBook Air) and is primarily used for browsing, the occasional letter, Mailing and light gaming. I got the 64GB Version rather cheap, but am already regretting not to have bought the 128GB Version. Of course it is already equiped with a 64GB microSD Card. But the Card is simply too slow for placing programs or games on it.

As an addition i have purchased the Microsoft Sculpt confort mouse as it uses Bluetooth and does not block the USB port. Overall, apart from battery Duration, i'm very satisfied with the tablet.

To be honest, when i started with PC's something over 25 years ago, i was dreaming of exactly such Computer :)

Best regards & see you aroung!