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New Member and 2nd Surface Device


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Hello all --

My Venture started out with the surface pro 2 64 gig in a Pawn Shop for a very cheap 100 bucks. Went by the MS store in Las Vegas, and the guys were so kind they gave me the stylus for that device. Saw the Mouse and the universal bluetooth keyboard and a portfolio, and they hit me for 150 bucks.
Gave it to the kid for college and a love affair began.

So, picked up a surface pro 3 when tigerdirect was having their brick and mortar escape plan i.e. going out of business sale.

I got the pick of the litter, I5/256/8 version, couldn't justify the additional spend. Even got the Docking station. Amazon'd it up for a two port juicedsystems dongle and could not be happier with my computing life.

(I have a nokia icon and had to be the worst purchase ever, since it was on verizon)

FABULOUS device, absolutely fabulous device. I am a mac fan, have 5. Since using this, I have not touched my Macbook/iMac or Mac mini. Gave them away. I have a 2 terabyte external storage device and I've transfered most of my junk over to that drive. I decided to 'invest' in a couple of Mice and bought some REALLY good mice, as I have large hands, volantis something or other, it's large, has weights and colorful. Got hold to start 8 to stray away from the metro interface, Bought office 365 for 26 dollars for a year, fumbled around and disabled the sleep function and have been happy since then.

Since I already had the flat mouse, I passed it along but kept the bluetooth keyboard. found the black sp3 keyboard on craigslist for 30 bucks, and my love affair really got started.

I didn't know microsoft could make a really good device. They did.