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New Member, Using a Surface RT


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I'm an Surface RT user for quite some time now. I do have all sorts of tablets (Android, iPad, Surface RT) but the RT is clearly the winner for me for using an tablet professionally.

I'm particulary interested in security aspects regarding the Surface RT.




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Hi SecureRT. Welcome. I am like yourself in using other platforms and I do enjoy using the RT more then the rest. For security I would do the same as with any computer: make sure to be current on updates, do not open email from unknown senders, block pop up windows, and even if I am the only one using a tablet I set up a pass code or password to log on in case it is stolen or lost. I know there are a few security apps listed on the store page. Check them out to see if any are of use to you and read the comments to see how we'll others liked them. I have been using the Surface RT since last year and only use the security apps/programs that came on it when I bought it and have zero issues. I am no expert on the RT system and not sure how it is safer or more prone to viruses and such compared to the regular Windows OS. Someone on this forum will most certainly know. Have fun with the RT.

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