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Hello, just bought surface today,new 64 GB without keyboard, for 425 GB pounds,
[ about $ 687 ] seemed a good deal, easy set up,will explore surface when charged up,
decided to buy one after asking advice on this forum,many thanks to everyone who replied,
many reviews are running the surface down, and will put people off, I have windows 7 laptop,
and windows phone 7.5, so surface seemed a good idea, no problems with phone or laptop,
keyboard covers did not apeal to me so will use my microsoft arc mouse and wireless keyboard
when at home.


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Welcome. Using accessories is a good way to go but I highly recommend trying out the keyboard covers they really are amazing.


Welcome to the forum. Funny thing about all those reviews running the Surface down, the consumer reviews at Best Buy and other retailers, or even the comments of the articles themselves show the opposite. Enjoy your Surface, it's a great devices.


Aw: new owner from uk

Welcome and have fun with your Surface.
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