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New Surface 2 owner questions


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Hello all, I just bought a Surface 2 and was wondering if it's normal for the charger block to get so hot? I've never had a phone, laptop, or tablet charger get this hot. Also this tablet seems to take forever to do updates, I'm on 33 of 70 and I started the update process over an hour ago.


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If you are charging AND updating I would expect it to get hot. Lots going on during that process.


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Don't get me started on how long the updates take. I just got a new Surface 2 the other day. After fully charging the thing, I started the updates. Believe it or not after ten hours, the download progress bar seemed to stop or freeze at near full. I decided to reboot. Only then did it prompt to install the updates.

I remember a similar situation when I got my Surface RT last May. I'm on a 5mbps dsl account and I never could figure out why Microsoft updates take an eternity to complete.


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Hot is a relative thing. It shouldn't be so hot that you cannot hold it. If you can hold your band on it then its just warm or very warm. If it would burn you then its too hot.