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New Surface 2 getting hot


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I just got a 32GB Surface 2 and have been enjoying it for the most part. However, it seems to be getting really warm in the back (right side in landscape mode). I have all the updates installed and the screen does not dim (an old I issue I read about). This seems to be happening only when I use IE11 for a while. Almost too hot to hold. Is this common or should I exchange it while I still can? Thanks for any advice.


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I can tell you this isn't normal! I have the S2 and it only gets SLIGHTLY warm when gaming... I suggest you take it back ASAP. or do a complete restore, that might fix the problem... good luck


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Mine does not get hot either. I has gotten warm when I was going through the sleep problem but that issue seems to have been resolved.


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I exchanged the S2 for another new S2 at the store. This one only gets warm occasionally. Nothing like the last one. Thanks for the help.